Your Online Guide to Using Spices

Facts and tips to get you started on your own cooking adventure.

Unlock Inspiration with Premium Spices

At Spice Islands®, the world is our marketplace. From India to Indonesia and exotic locales, we insist on purchasing Spice Islands spices from the best growing regions in the world. Our global sourcing ensures that only the highest-quality spices and flavorings bear the Spice Islands name.

Shake, Slather, Rub

When George Stephen invented the Weber® kettle grill back in 1952, he sparked a backyard revolution. George’s guests couldn’t believe how tasty grilled food could be when quality ingredients are grilled over quality grills. Now, Weber® Grill Creations® offers a full line of unique and innovative seasonings, sauces and marinade mixes that are versatile enough for any grilled food, from steak and chicken to fish and vegetables.

Let’s get cooking.

Tone’s® Spices have meant quality since their introduction in 1873. The company began by producing and packaging herbs, spices and wine vinegars under the guidance of Jehiel and I.E. Tone, the founders of Tone’s Spices. As the company expanded over the years, new products and markets were developed to respond to the evolving needs of the American public. Today, Tone’s ranks among the best-selling spice and seasoning brands.

Fresh Taste Means More Flavor™

Since 1850, Durkee® Spices has innovated the spices and seasonings industry perhaps like no other brand. Durkee was the first to offer consumer-sized packaging, and pioneered freeze-ground milling for heightened freshness. With unparalleled distribution and shelf quality, Durkee home use and Foodservice products continue to enhance spices and seasonings products like few others.